Operations Playbook at The Real Pet Food Company

Who are The Real Pet Food Company

The Real Pet Food Company (RPFC) was born in 2015. Over the next two years seven acquisitions were made including Nature’s Gift, Tucker Time, Dr B’s BARF, Billy + Margot, Ivory Coat, CME Factory at Inverell and the Jimbo’s business in New Zealand.

Along with the acquisitions, the Company has grown through hard work and determination. They have launched new brands, such as Farmers Market, and are now represented in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the US.

They have 9 manufacturing facilities across the Globe producing all formats of pet food and remain the largest Chilled/Fresh pet food manufacturer.


The Real Pet Food Company’s Challenge

RPFC waste over a million dolllars p.a. on pet food that expires. One of the underlying reasons for the waste is a lack of real time information about the core operations of the business and the distribution of products to customers throughout Australia. Because RPFC produce perishable goods, the supply, manufacturing and distribution process must all be synchronised if goods are to arrive at the customers on time, without expiring.


Data Addiction’s Solution

Data Addiction created a solution called the “Operations Playbook”, which integrates data from a variety of sources and presents a series of interactive dashboards. The dashboards provide the Operations and Sales teams as well as the Executive with greater transparency into the way that the manufacturing and distribution process is planned and managed.

Data engineers and data scientists from Data Addiction worked together with experts from the Operations, Sales and Inventory teams at the RPFC to produce the insights into how the planning process can be better planned and managed. Extra information regarding sales and inventory were added to the solution to provide a 360 degree view of the performance of the operations group and the individual manufacturing and warehouse sites around Australian

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