Managing Customer retention in the new reality webinar

    Location: Microsoft teams (link to be sent after registration)

    Date & time: Thursday 5th November 2020 11:30 – 12:30pm.

The level of disruption across all businesses is self-evident, in the first wave organisations were forced to rethink their structure and rapidly shift to a new remote paradigm. Some companies fared better than others, those with a sound digital strategy even saw upticks in productivity.

…but what next, as we navigate these uncharted waters into a recovery, what will be some of the markers of success vs failure?

How well you manage your customers will be one area that is crucial for businesses that want to survive and thrive but no matter how good your strategy it must have its foundations in data. Knowing your customers is key but often the data you need to power your strategy is “living” in disparate silos, creating confusion and a less than complete picture

In this 30-minute session we will highlight some real-world solutions that will allow you to unify your data to drive deep insights into your customers behaviour. We will discuss some of the issues faced by companies and workshop ways to drive understanding to power:

Customer Acquisition – Create segments to hyper personalise your communication

Customer Retention – Build lasting, resilient relationships by understanding behaviour and sentiment

Customer Value – Gain a single customer view to clearly identify opportunities for cross sell/upsell

Join the Data Addiction team with special guests from Microsoft Business Applications as we cover this hot topic