Key Outcomes

Keeping customer data at the heart of a digital transformation

Extending skills to new practice areas

Using IP to accelerate digital transformations

Reaching into new market segments

The Y
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The Y's challenge

The YMCA of New South Wales (The Y NSW), which serves more than 3 million people at its fitness and aquatic centers across New South Wales, wanted to digitally transform its operations to put its members at the center of the business. But the mix of systems the organisation used to track its members across various YMCA programs did not provide a unified view of individuals, leading to missed opportunities around recruiting new members, marketing additional services, and formulating pricing strategies.

Data Addiction's Solution

With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights deployed, The Y NSW’s sales team now has organised information about each customer and prospect at their fingertips. They can see the source of an opportunity, when the customer was contacted and by whom, and which sales playbooks were applied, as well as leverage machine learning (ML) models to send personalised offers and recommendations to members. Executives of The Y NSW also gained a deeper understanding of the financial performance of each YMCA centre by running analytics on the unified data. The insights help The Y NSW develop better profitability models, pricing strategies, and new practices around engaging customers and supporting local managers.