Data estate modernisation

Lots of our customers either need to rearchitect a legacy data warehouse or are about to start their first journey in the data and analytics space. We specialise in building solutions that take advantage of modern data and artificial intelligence technologies to reduce costs and allow our customers to better serve their customers' needs.

Artificial Intelligence

AI means a lot of things to a lot of people. Our AI services are predictive analytics and hypothesis testing using advanced machine learning, IoT, cognitive services and deep learning. We work with our customers to understand the problem they are trying to solve first, then use the tools in Azure to rapidly prove out value and scale.

Migrate to Azure

Moving to Azure is always a challenge for any organisation. We pride ourselves on working with customers to find the most modern, optimal architecture that not only suits their current organisation but their future also. Be it small or large, we're here to help.

Dynamics Customer Insights

Intelligent Customer Insights brings together your customer data in a single place so that you can better understand your customers and how they interact with you. Microsoft will fund an engagement for Data Addiction to conduct a Proof of Concept that will show the value of Customer Insights and determine the next steps

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Managed Services

Building a great solution is only the first step in the journey, managing it on an ongoing basis is vital in accelerating return on investment and user experience. Our managed services capability is aligned to ITIL and has the following elements:
1. Operational readiness and onboarding: assess the solutions and stakeholders ability to adopt the solution and establish the processes required for post go-live
2. Service operations: activities that the team deliver to support or enhance the solution
3. Ongoing base support: monitoring and managing changes on the platform
4. Account management: management of the relationships, commercials and resourcing of the service
5. Microsoft CSP

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We use the power of Microsoft Azure to…

1. Tell you what happened and why

  • Slice and dice your data using the worlds best tools.
  • Find insights into the underlying trends in your business.
  • Work with you to hypothesize why important events occur.

2. Tell you something you don't know

  • Mine all types of data, be they structured or unstructured, to reveal hidden insights.
  • Use external data to benchmark your performance against others.
  • Use Data & AI techniques to show how your customers are interacting with you.

3. Tell you what's about to happen

  • Use machine learning to give you insights into key events that are likely to happen so you can intervene before it’s too late. e.g. customer churn.
  • Use advanced ‘what-if’ techniques to forecast multiple possible future scenarios.

4. Help you get ROI, fast

  • Enhance your organisation’s data skills.
  • Tell success stories about the Data & AI scenarios you have delivered and the impact that you have made.
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